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    We offer the best local SEO courses around

    At Local Client Takeover, our main concern is to help online marketers and anyone else who is interested in local SEO training with the best courses around. We are very proud of what we do and have been doing it for years. Our local marketing courses include the following:

    Google My Business (GMB) SEO Specialist


    Google My Business is an excellent tool when it comes to online marketing but a lot of the businesses that can benefit from it choose to use it. Google My Business can help your business website to be a lot more visible than it currently is to people who happen to be searching for the products or services that you offer. Our Google My Business (GMB) SEO Specialist course can help you to master everything that this free option from the world’s most popular search engine has to offer.


    Link Science

    This local SEO course is a great way for you to learn how to build links in a much more effective way. Our Link Science course features 10 videos with a 17 point link building action plan that guarantees success with link building for your clients’ websites or your own.

    Facebook Local Ads

    There is no doubt that Facebook is very influential in the online world and you can use that to your advantage. Our Facebook Ads course will teach you how to achieve successful campaigns that will enhance all your other SEO efforts for your clients.


    Local SEO courses that can make you more efficient and effective

    Has someone you know suggested taking local marketing courses to learn how to get your clients’ businesses to grow by getting a bigger share of the local market? If that is exactly the case, we want you to know that you are on the right track! You are probably already aware that local SEO is a great tool when it comes to making a business’ website much more visible to possible customers, getting them to click on the site in question, and to visit the business’ physical location. At Local Client Takeover, we are proud of the fact that we have been involved with local SEO for years. We are experts with various free local SEO training courses that can definitely benefit you and teach you how to do what you do in a more efficient and effective way.

    Our SEO courses


    At Local Client Takeover, we know from experience that local SEO is a powerful tool and we want to help you understand that too by teaching you how to implement it properly. You will be happy to learn that we design our local SEO training courses to be as easy to comprehend as possible while being very thorough and informative about the subject matter. Our highly knowledgeable staff members ensure that all of our courses are updated regularly to reflect the most current changes in local SEO and you can take any of them absolutely free!



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